Network Optimization and Design
E2E Solutions

ZELENZA provides tech solutions for engineering projects, telecom network optimization design, mesured to our clients needs.

Tech evolution with a clear vocation of multi brand services


  • Design and planning of radio networks.
  • Network design of fixes access and FTTX.
  • Optimization and network audit.
  • Network operating.
  • Drive Test and Benchamarking: 2G,3G and 4G, WiFi.
  • Radio electric measurements.
  • Interference detection measurements..


  • Over 250 engineers spread around the country specialized in different areas of design, planning and implementation of networks (radio, tranmission, FTTX, WiFi, transport and CORE).
  • Our own development tools for design and optimization.
  • Ad-hoc engineering services, solution personilization.
  • Commitment based on efficiency, flexibility and answer time.