Technology and professionalism

We´re the official technical service for many world wide manufacturers.

Our tech team are prepared with the highest level of standardization activity. Due to our intense forming activity, they are extremely qualified and they represent our biggest guarantee to offer the best possible service in quality repairs.

One of the best repair centres in all of Europe

We have one of the most advanced laboratories with the official tech repair service for all devices and brands.

We surpass the most demanding audit processes each year, which allows us to be one of the most recognized laboratories on a European level, thanks to innovation, quality and service diversifation.


  • We repair over 3.000 electronic devices daily.
  • Efficient management in techonological aspects and original piece replacements.
  • Repair process is certified by the "Quality System" and adapted to brand demands.
  • Guarantee and out of guarantee management.
  • Tech team and supervisors with the best training and experience for critical repairs.
  • Maximum leve lof SLA fulfillment and mínimum level of repetative failures.
  • End to End system integration transparency with those of our clients.
  • epair process certified by the “Quality System Management” ISO 9001 and adapting brand demands, surpassing the brans audits.
  • ISO 14001 Certification for "Environment Management and waste removal"