Consolidating our technological focus

Zelenza has developed Vulcano ERP over the past 15 years, a key information system fir managing business commands. Volcano allows us to adapt to the production and management process in a competitive way, flexible, fast and Dynamic


This tool allows us to adapt to the production and management efficiently, flexibly, quickly and dynamically, offering many possibilities to our clients:

  • A customizable and regulated system, constantly upgrading and transforming.
  • Technician management and GPS route systems, independant assingment of work commands, stock control, supervision and operation tracking.
  • Information and positioning in real time.
  • SMS command transmissions.
  • Automatic assigning and alternative Routing.
  • Connection with field technicians with Pocket Vulcano.
  • Connection and integration for clients via Vulcano Web.


  • Supervision and Dynamic management of critical work load.
  • Comprehensive stock control, with exact tracking of every movement of devices.
  • A Dynamic and reliable failure model detector, with an automatic stock replacement system and production readjustment.
  • Real time interventions and GPS tracking that locatres both interventions and technicians.
  • Complete purchase management, aligned with the production demand.
  • Systematization of processes to improve the production line.
  • Call Centre externalization of simple tasks, maintaining all tracking information and complete process system integration.