Telecom I&C Infrastructure
Covered services

Qualifies technicians to undertake the installation of fixed networks (FTTH), mobile (2G,3G,4G), transport (DWDM/SDH, IP, MW) WiFi networks, GSMR Networks, and infrastuctures.

Certified experience with brands and operators

Our personell is recognized by the biggest operators and brands for their specialized work (PRL, working at height, confinded spaces, piloting the railway field,airports, metro…). And also in electricity fields for low and médium voltage.


  • Installation and commissioning of radio devices.
  • Installation and commissioning of transmition devices.
  • Installation of energy and climatized sytems.
  • Installation of mobiles for events.
  • Specialized resources in the management of SUC's, stakeout, lines of sight ...
  • Video surveillance / Air conditioners.