Personalized tech solutions for each clients needs

We design solutions to reach the objectives of optimization of complex installation and maintenance processes.

Efficency and commitment

We offer a installation and maintenance hardware and softare service for tech devices, computers, electronic devices, telecom and networks, with the max efficiency and SLA fulfillment.

Our field technicians are highly qualified and gifted with the best tools for the job. We guarantee fleet management and tech deployment at the highest level.

  • We give a preventive maintenance service for: ATM´s, POS, communitacion teams (switchboards, Wireless phones and wired phones), electronic devices (browsers, monitors, auto radios), computers and peripheral devices, TV decoders and electronic devices).
  • Park maintenance management, substitution or repair of Point Of Sale devices (POS).
  • For telecom networks we install and maintain optical fiber (FTTH) and copper (ADSL) with configurated equipment adapted to the biggest operators on the market, with high cost demands and SLA fulfillment requests with a wide range of technicians all over the country.
  • Our integrating offer includes renovation and provisioning plans of computer and tech equipment and for our clients.