Zelenza Infocar
Tomorrow can be done better

Like Chesbroug said, our vision strategy in R&D, is to focus on pushing the limits for our clients and suppliers organization, and cooperating with External professionals plays a fundamental role in our success strategy.

The union of of Artifical Intellegence and vehicle information in one device

We enjoy challenges. The need of resolving a problema not solved, obtaining the milage for any vehicle, entailed the genesis for our Inforcar system.

Efficient driving, real time telemetry information, bluetooth connectivity, driver identification, cabin and load temperatura control, “Private Mode” option, are some of the many functions that we include in our car fleet associated with Infocar.

Since the birth of Infocar we’ve been evolving its functions to reach the level of being the only device on the market complying with any need for clients. If it is necessary to include a specific function, we also do that.