The motor of digital transformation

The desert of organizations is covered in bones of those who thought to know everything and stopped trying to learn.” (Phillip B. Crosby)

The Services Managed in ICT are actually “the machine rooms” of all Transformations for a continuous improvement process. For ZELENZA, improvement isn´t an option, its a constant impulse of adapting and perfecting our efficiency.

Activity systematization and automation

The Service Management Office (SMO) es the core that concentrates management habilities:

Controlling the demand and measuring improvement are the pillar on which ZELENZA stands its value proposal on.

Our support model possess means like our Service Centres that contains all the general and specialized capabilities, in accordance with our clients needs.

Our Managed Services are not only orientated towards the activity, but also to goals, all worked on from our Service Centres and in house:

  • PMO (Project Management Office)
  • SMO (Service Management Office).
  • End to End Support Management.
  • Systems and Communications Administration.
  • Systems and Communications Operations.
  • Operations.
  • In House and Service Centre Monitorization.
  • App maintenance.

Our methodology is based on 4 pillars:

  • Continuous development: this methodology is based on minimizing operation risks based on SLA commitments, design of service level indicators, orientated towards improving. We use Lean IT, ITIL and risk management.
  • Automation: for the orchestration of architecture with an End to End vision, assessing to identify all the specific needs.
  • Management: generating automated reports, integrating management data to gain a united vision of service demand, models based on the alignment of KPI´s and goals marked by the clients, Transition phase management with our knowledge transfer methodology and mitigation transperency of risks.
  • Operation: process and procedure design, methodology assessments (people and processes), Lean demand Management (Agility and Flow control).