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Innovation based on IoT

ZELENZA participates in the research and development for the EU and we collaborate with tech institutes and IT companies with the purpose of sharing knowledge and obtaining products new to the market.

Latest generation of products and services that create value and future schemes

It is said there is over 9.000 million devices connected. By 2020 they project over 60.000 million. The numbers are extremely important and can only be reached with the incorporation of new communication techonologies. Narrow Band IoT y LTE Cat M are the new means of communication and will allow things to come faster in the future.

At ZELENZA we’ve surpassed the market and have created equipment capable of sensoring in both technologies with the objective of being the market leaders

Great signal reach, low energy use and low costs make the future in IoT possible. They are here, and you can be a Pioneer in the sector and a winner in your career with us.