Who We Are
A big group of services

ZELENZA is a group dedicated to the transformation, managment and support for ICT and BPO processes and infrastructures. We offer integrared solutions that help Big Coorperations, Multinational companies and Public Administrations face their challenges.

ZELENZA is mad up by 100% spanish capital, formed by Alalza, Poas, IS2 and SMV.

ZELENZA in numbers

2.000 employees

108 advanced and specialized management centres

157 national and international support centres and tracing offices

20 delegations

3.000 m2 of laboratory space (Madrid and Las Palmas), where we repair over

1.100 devices daily

Over 1.001.500 interventions a year

10.000 m² warehouses, managed with the most advanced technology


We contribute to the growth of our clients and to their digital transformation proccess in IT and Buisness.

Our value proposal is the management of ICT and BPO services, along the whole value chain for differrent sectors.

An innovative group for its intregral service, that lets us offer the widest range of integrated services with presition, agility and capacity of anticipation for the transformation challenges of our clients.

Service management

ICT management and Buisness process support. Optimization and consultancy for service management.


Repair laboratory for electronic devices: mobiles, tablets, TPVs of bank and lottery, alarms, centrals, microinomatic and telecoms, with warranty management

Telecom infrastructure engineering

Tech solutions for engineering management projects, design and integration of telecommunications Network infrastuctures, mesured for our clients needs.

Field Services

We install and maintain electronic devices, HW & SW, IT infrastructures, XDL and FTTH witH team management and park management.

R&D/ in-house solutions

From our R&D laboratories we find solutions for geolocation, monitoring, telemetry, vehicle control and assistance services with different techonologies, including NB IoT.

Principles and values

Our organization persues to be the tool of success for our clients and our society.  We are orientated by solid values and principals that inspire all the people that make up the ZELENZA group


We listen to the transformation needs of our clients to find solutions to overcome their goals with commitment, efficiency and quality. We aspire to find new roads to conquer.


We are quick to find solutions for our clients, simplifying and automizing the processes.


We apply colective inteligence to the business transformation models of our clients, with an evident commitment to R&D.


We take care of our clients and our own resources, using the means effectively for each project.
We search for long term business stability.


We assume ethic, social and environmental commitments as a fundamental element for the consolidation of our business projects.
We work actively with society, thiriving to contribute to the economic, social and environmental progress.